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Become a Participating ACP Provider

Leverage Plum’s established and proven process

Plum has assembled the plans, vendors and process to help providers participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Partner with Plum to service qualifying households on the T-Mobile Network, the nation’s largest 5G network.

Family using ACP plan
Family on ACP Plans

Plum’s Expertise in ACP

First, we grant access to preferred rates that enable our customers to offer prepaid wireless service plans to eligible consumers. Next, we connect providers with trusted third-party vendors who help qualify subscriber households. Finally, we provide wireless support experts to ensure success.

Plum has experience in helping companies plan, launch and grow their ACP program servicing qualified households. Find out how to become an ACP provider by leveraging our MVNO expertise and resources.

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ACP Program Benefits


Proven process for planning, launching and supporting an ACP program

Established processes in place with experienced vendors and partners

5G network plans

Talk, text and data plans tailored to ACP requirements

Programs for qualifying household types, including residents of tribal lands


Integrate through one of Plum’s reliable MVNE partners 

ACP program-qualifying software integrates into the purchase flow

Account Support

Information tracking with reporting for usage and compliance

Transparency with subscriber data and life-cycle

Learn more about how you can become an ACP provider with a complimentary download of our brochure.

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Case Study:
Unity Wireless 

Learn how Plum positioned Unity Wireless to achieve steady subscriber growth under the ACP program, helping qualifying households obtain approved plans on the T-Mobile Network.

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