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Providing ACP service with Unity

Providing ACP service with Unity

Meet Unity Wireless

Unity Wireless believes communication is fundamental to living a safe and productive life. This is why, through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), the company provides discounted broadband service to eligible low-income consumers throughout the United States. In working with Plum, Unity has launched its program of talk, text, and data plans on the T-Mobile Network, achieving steady growth in a matter of months. They are servicing thousands of ACP customers, enabling them to live safely, productively, and most importantly, to stay connected to their loved ones. **To reach Unity Wireless for support with your ACP plan, visit their website or call (954) 613-6051

The Opportunity

In 2020, Unity was searching for a wireless partner to connect residents across the United States and help them with the process of adopting wireless plans under the ACP program. During their search, it was clear that Plum’s wireless expertise, years of experience, and consultative approach would help lay the foundation for Unity providing households the ability to afford the service they need.

We’re proud to partner with Unity to help ensure that thousands of households can afford to communicate with friends and loved ones. Our dedicated team ensures that we provide powerful wireless plans that allow Unity’s business to run smoothly and efficiently.

How Plum helped
“In 2020, we launched an exploratory campaign with the idea of entering the MVNO space. As we began our research, the name Plum kept rising to the forefront. After reaching out and getting in contact with Plum’s wireless experts, the marketing and development team at Plum, we immediately saw that Plum had the knowledge and expertise we had been looking for.”

Key Results

Success of program

Plum supported the success of the program through wireless offerings with a mix of data-only and traditional wireless plans.

Efficient deployment

Plum built an efficient process for Unity that allowed them to deploy as they position themselves for expansion.

Long-term growth

Unity’s successful program launch resulted in a long-term double-digit monthly subscriber growth rate.

Partner with Plum

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